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Dave Gregory
Dave Gregory – Wholesale Sales
Phone: 602-633-8030
Manny Chavez
Manny Chavez – Wholesale Sales
Phone: 602-393-6582
Rick Cotter
Rick Cotter – Wholesale Sales
Phone: 602-393-6580
Vanessa Elias
Vanessa Elias – Wholesale Sales
Phone: 602-393-6584
Walter Davis
Walter Davis – Wholesale Sales
Phone: 602-396-6586
Armando Morales – Also speaks Spanish
Phone: 602-393-6581
Tony Negreros
Tony Negreros – Also speaks Spanish
Phone: 602-393-6590
Chris Friedenreich – Counter Sales
Phone: 602-633-0466
Alex pineda
Alex Pineda – Used Car Specialist
Phone: 602-332-4510

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